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Video Post Mon, Sep. 19, 2011 5 notes

OMF Bookshop Booksale! :)

  • Last Saturday, we went to the 2011 Manila International Bookfair at SMX Convention Center. Book-lovers will definitely love the place! :) There are so many publishers, bookstores and booths that offer books and reading materials at an affordable and low price! :)
  • As for me, I spent most of my time at the OMF Lit Book/boothshop. :) They have this mini-program, with Juddha Paolo as one of the hosts, wherein they have special guests who sang (The DeLaCruzes and others) while you shop and they were giving out books and items when you participate by answering their questions or sharing your life-changing bible verses. They have other surprises too! :)
  • It was Paowee and Steph’s second time at the booksale and they gave me a gift cert worth 100 pesos from OMF (you’ll get 1 if you answer their survey :). So I went to a pile of books that costs 95 pesos ad found this book entitled “Before You Get Engaged”. I double-checked if it’s really on sale because I was eyeing the book on one of the stands when I first got there and it costs 475 pesos. And voila! Price tag shows 95! :) Big discount yey! Plus I was able to use the gift certs and got the book for FREE! :) I’m excited to read and learn from the book. Then I will let Paowee read it after I finish! preparation before popping the question! haha!

Thanks to OMF for the gift certs and discounts! :) BTW the nearest OMF bookshop from our place is located at The Pergola (BF homes,Paranaque), 2nd floor. Ive visited the shop once and the place is really nice. You can find many inspirational books, bibles (pawee got my Women’s devotional bile here:) and cute items from the shop. visit their website by clicking the link below. :)


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